Gavish Shaham Group
Management and Supervision

A proper, professional management for a project (from its inception) and effective and professional supervision of the quality of works and timelines are key in the success of a construction project and are key for maintaining the planned level of profit. Our management and supervision department engages in the management of planning procedures, construction, and supervision in projects of various scopes. Both for municipalities and for private clients, both with respect to construction works and with respect to infrastructure and development works. Our team of professionals includes construction engineers, project managers, work managers, planners, and consultants who offer a perfect professional envelope to every project. This team is advised by the legal department which advises on planning proceedings and helps with resolving problems facing the professional team while conducting the project, including removing objections and barriers.

Gavish Shaham Group

גביש שחם - ניהול ופיקוח
Eucalyptus st. Tel - Aviv
Management and supervision of development and infrastructure work
קבוצת גביש שחם
Vardiel st. Tel - Aviv
Management and supervision of upgrade work infrastructures and asphalt
ניהול ופיקוח בניה
Meir Grossman st. Tel - Aviv
Managing and supervising infrastructure placement development work paving roads and pavement flooring
פיקוח נדלני
Rashi St. Tel - Aviv
Project Management
Shaarei Nikanor St. Tel - Aviv
Management and supervision of infrastructure of paving work and flooring and development work
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