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Oranit BU | About the Project

A high-end, first-of-its-kind housing development by Gavish Shaham Group. This unique boutique project offers carefully-designed modern concept and premium houses with a particularly rich, high-quality level of detail. You can choose a "tailored suit" for your new home from the amazing conceptual detail packages we have crafted especially for you and which are suitable for those who enjoy life and never let a moment go buy. For those who appreciate quality. For those whose time is valuable. For those who think of the future.

Oranit BU | Project Details

110 duplex units for sale at Oranit | Duplex sizes range from 180 to 270 square meters | Duplex prices include a high-quality, rich list of fixtures | Options for adding premium and concept packages to upgrade the living experience | Optional swimming pool | Optional basement level.

Planning | Gavish Shaham
Project Management | Gavish Shaham

Oranit BU | About the Region

Oranit is an urban community located on the southern slopes of the Samaria mountains, north of Rosh Ha Ayin and east of Hod HaSharon. This is a mixed community. It is made up mostly of detached houses and lays next to Jewish National Fund forests. The community has a commercial center, shops, cafes, a clinic, kindergartens, schools - elementary through high school, centers for afternoon classes, a sports center, and more. According to Central Statistics Bureau data as of late 2016, Oranit is ranked 8 out of 10 on the Social-Economic Index. The community is located close to main roads (highways no. 5 and 6), close to a train station, and within reach of large employment centers, a high-tech park and entertainment centers.

Oranit BU | Social Indices

Social-economic index 10 - from the Madlan website

Residents ages 16 to 64


Employment White Collar


Education University Graduates


Oranit BU | Map of the Region

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