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Barkan | About the Project

The Barkan project is a community expansion project which includes 62 land plots of 500 square meters each intended for building detached houses. The project is located in the north-western area of the community (the northern hill) and faces a spectacular mountainous view. Only 4 plots remain!

Barkan | Project Details

62 plots for sale at Barkan | Plot sizes range from 500 to 700 square meters | The land price includes development and local taxes | An option for building a detached villa in Samaria.

Barkan | About the Project

The community was founded in 1981 and is home to approximately 400 families. The community has a high-quality community which conducts a shared community life. The community has daycare, kindergartens and an elementary school, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and robust cultural activities.

Barkan Mul Hayam | Social Indicators

Social-economic index 10 - from the Madlan website

Residents ages 16 to 45


Employment White Collar


Education University Graduates


Barkan | Map of the Region

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