Gavish Shaham Group
Crisis Management and Project Rescue

Tens of thousands of dwellings and projects get stuck for many years or never materialize due to different barriers (legal, planning, bureaucratic, or financial). Removing barriers and solving problems quickly and efficiently, while finding optimal solutions, are oftentimes critical for protecting the viability of a project.

Due to their legal, planning, and financial complexity of the projects we have handled over the years, we have acquired a unique expertise in the resolution of barriers and removal of barriers, whatever their degree of complexity. Among our other activities, we specialize in finding financing solutions for complex projects and in managing crises in halted projects.

In this scope, we assist receivers and other court appointees in completing stuck projects and manage the complete handling and advisory services required to complete the project. In addition, we work with different financing funds, which offer services to projects in distress, and we help them in pulling the project out of the mud and in completing it in the best way possible.

We are not put off by complex projects. Pulling out stuck projects, removing barriers, financing, and resolving legal disputes - for us that\'s another day at the office. We make the best lemonade when life gives us lemons! We take legally- and architecturally-complex projects, with many conflicts and barriers, and manage to make sweet, fresh lemonade out of that sour lemon.

We do all this thanks to our unique commando team, which has developed ample expertise in developing projects from the planning permit phase, through removing all planning, bureaucratic, and legal barriers, until the final, personally-tailored product is delivered. Our team is made up of the best and most experienced professional on the market, covering different and diverse fields - financing, planning and engineering, legal experts, design and architecture, both in Israel and around the world.

We can identify potential and opportunity even in unconventional places, and bring in our world view and unique designs anywhere we go. All our projects, regardless of size, are personally handled and monitored by a lawyer, an engineer, and a project manager, who manage the project from inception to delivery.
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