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Gavish Shaham Group is a real estate development company specializing in planning and building unique concept projects which are designed and tailored individually. In our projects which implement our fundamental values, “life is short” and “you only live once”, taking advantage of all that life has to offer. That’s why we believe in meticulous architecture and design which are both innovative and creative, as well as in decadent, dreamy finishings. We offer our clients more than just carefully-designed walls and high-end fixtures. We create our homes with our hearts, and tailor them to the personal story and to the private experience of each of our clients. To the dreams, loves, hobbies, and fantasies you may only dare to dream of.

We are not put off by complex projects. Pulling out stuck projects, removing barriers, financing, and resolving legal disputes – for us that’s another day at the office. When life gives us lemons, we are the best lemonade makers around! We take legally- and architecturally-complex projects, with many conflicts and barriers, and manage to make sweet, fresh lemonade out of that sour lemon. We do all this thanks to our unique commando team, which has developed ample expertise in developing projects from the planning permit phase, through removing all planning, bureaucratic, and legal barriers, until the final, personally-tailored product is delivered.

Our team is made up of the best and most experienced professional on the market, covering different and diverse fields – financing, planning and engineering, legal experts, design and architecture, both in Israel and around the world.

We can identify potential and opportunity even in unconventional places, and bring in our world view and unique designs anywhere we go. All our projects, regardless of size, are personally handled and monitored by a lawyer, an engineer, and a project manager. These professionals lead and manage the project from inception to delivery.

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Rural Settlement Construction

The Gavish Shaham Group began its operations in developing and constructing commercial and housing projects in rural settlements (community expansions) in community settlements across Israel, from initial planning, establishing a "blue line" - community perimeter, resolution of legal issues and complex planning issues, through development and infrastructure for the new neighborhood, until houses are delivered to the new residents. We specialize in resolving complex barriers - legal, planning, and bureaucratic - which stand in the way of launching projects of this type, and have ample experience in solving problems and in managing processes with relevant authorities (Israel Land Authority, planning committees, the Electricity Company, Ministry of Environment Protection, the Antiquities Authority and more). In these projects we ensure that the principles of sustainability are implemented in planning (integration with topography, planning open spaces with an ecological concept, community social planning, and environmentally-friendly construction). We always work closely with community institutions and with the local council and ensure that we preserve the unique character of the community. We help the community with improving existing infrastructure, setting up public facilities, securing financing for the project, taking in new residents, and more. In these projects the community and the council enjoy many benefits: added revenues, new young families, improving and refurbishing existing infrastructure, setting up new public facilities, increasing budgets and grants and generating employment (in commercial projects).

Urban Renewal

Having accumulated much know-how in the field of community expansions and in developing neighborhoods in rural communities, we then turned to the city and expanded our operations to include the development and construction of urban renewal projects. From examining the feasibility of a project and its planning to its realization and delivery to our clients. In these projects we implement our vision of unique construction, specializing in planning and building conceptual boutique projects which are tailored to the audience, the view, and the existing environmental fabric. The urban renewal department at Gavish Shaham Group allows our clients to join these unique projects with peace of mind, and to enjoy not only careful planning, innovative design, and conceptual specifications, but also security and peace of mind and an empowering and relaxed process on their way to their new home. These projects also offer benefit to current residents, who enjoy an improvement of their existing property and its significant appreciation.

Hybrid Housing

Unique concept homes, innovatively and modernly planned and designed, including decadent fixtures which are personally tailored to our clients. In these projects, buyers can join us as early as the land purchasing stage, and benefit from both a significantly reduced price compared to market prices (up to 20% of the price of dwellings) alongside full securities and clear timelines. The buyer's joining at the land purchasing stage is not done in a purchasing group framework. Rather, this is a clear, viable, and secure deal which includes full securities and offer our clients certainty and peace of mind.

Management and Supervision

The management and supervision department is made up of professional teams (work managers, practical engineers and engineers) and offers management, construction, and supervision services for private and public projects, both in the field of construction and in the field of development and infrastructure. We provide services to municipalities and councils, to purchasing groups, and to receivers and other officers appointed by the court in insolvency proceedings. This department offers a unique and broad service to receivers and other appointees which includes, among other services, preparing zero reports, cost analysis, bills of quantities, tenders, contractor management, representation of the appointee with all relevant authorities, supervision, bookkeeping, and more.

Project Financing and Project Recovery

In recent years we have become aware of hundreds of dwellings whose construction was halted due to various reasons: financing difficulties, an insolvent developer or contractor, planning barriers, squatting, protected tenants, legal disputes, and more. Our unique commando team is made up of engineering, legal, and crisis management professionals, who specialize in pushing projects through difficulties to completion. This includes finding financing solutions for the project, managing and resolving legal disputes, removing planning barriers, and more.

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