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Gavish Shaham Group is a real estate development company specializing in planning and building unique concept projects which are designed and tailored individually. In our projects which implement our fundamental values, “life is short” and “you only live once”, taking advantage of all that life has to offer. That’s why we believe in meticulous architecture and design which are both innovative and creative, as well as in decadent, dreamy finishings. We offer our clients more than just carefully-designed walls and high-end fixtures. We create our homes with our hearts, and tailor them to the personal story and to the private experience of each of our clients. To the dreams, loves, hobbies, and fantasies you may only dare to dream of. We are not put off by complex projects. Pulling out stuck projects, removing barriers, financing, and resolving legal disputes – for us that’s another day at the office. When life gives us lemons, we are the best lemonade makers around! We take legally- and architecturally-complex projects, with many conflicts and barriers, and manage to make sweet, fresh lemonade out of that sour lemon. We do all this thanks to our unique commando team, which has developed ample expertise in developing projects from the planning permit phase, through removing all planning, bureaucratic, and legal barriers, until the final, personally-tailored product is delivered. Our team is made up of the best and most experienced professional on the market, covering different and diverse fields – financing, planning and engineering, legal experts, design and architecture, both in Israel and around the world. We can identify potential and opportunity even in unconventional places, and bring in our world view and unique designs anywhere we go. All our projects, regardless of size, are personally handled and monitored by a lawyer, an engineer, and a project manager. These professionals lead and manage the project from inception to delivery.

Gavish Shaham Group
Marketing Projects

קבוצת גביש שחם

Detached houses | Mitzpe Adi

בקרוב- פרויקט חדש

Ra'anan 43 Boutique Building | Haifa

Gavish Shaham Group
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Gavish Shahm Group operates in several different areas and offers services and solutions to various end-customers from solutions for private clients To solutions for companies and investors in the fields of energy, housing and construction. Our services includes projects in israel for marketing and for investment, management and supervision, project extraction, crisis management and different energy solutions

Gavish Shaham Group
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גביש שחם - פרויקטים בבניה
גביש שחם - פרוייקטים בנדל״ן
קבוצת גביש שחם
גביש שחם
Tel Aviv
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